New Projects

Second City

A series of workshops, collecting stories from Northfield residents who have moved to the area from somewhere else. This project celebrates Northfield’s diversity through story-sharing – we hope to inspire empathy between neighbours. All of the stories will be published in an online zine publication this October…

Hope Streets

Choir, pottery and visual art workshops to create artwork which will bring hope to Northfield after the Covid 19 pandemic. Some of these workshops happened during our HAF scheme, some during our choir rehearsals and we’ll be scheduling more pottery workshops soon…

Poetry in Translation

Sarah, Aston Hall’s Translator in Residence, is bringing ‘Poetry in Translation’ workshops to the NAF Shop this autumn, with assistance from our facilitator, Erin! These workshops will be for 10 to 14 year olds and you don’t need to know another language to take part – sign up here: