I’ve said for some time, when explaining what we do at NAF, that “great Art Is Made On The Edge Of Chaos.” I’ve never *really* known what I meant with that.
I’m starting to feel a little like I do. Let’s paint, dance, sing, make, do, and draw together! Let’s make art that refuses to stay quiet, let’s cultivate culture welcomes everyone in.
Come on then, let’s do this! It’s got to be YOU, it can’t just be me, I’m somewhat of a cliche, I’m a bit sick of my own voice. We need you.

Take a look at the ‘Whats On’ section on our website to see what we have coming up.

– Oliver Armstrong, Northfield Arts Forum Coordinator

Northfield Arts Forum provides/ facilitates /connects arts of all kinds.
We work in & with the communities of Northfield, Kings Norton, Weoley and Longbridge.
We’re a team of volunteers, we aim to recognise & inspire creativity where we live.



  1. hi my name is kelly mcmahon and i regsited on the do it website and and said i was sussefull how do i do get involed

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