Crossing Bridges Timeline


Crossing Bridges Timeline!

14th October 2017 – First Time at Kings Norton Farmers Market

Our first public step in the project, we went to Kings Norton Farmers Market, had chats with local residents about their stories of growing up in Kings Norton, and recorded their personal memories! We also asked what kind of art locals would want to see around the park. We now go to the Farmers Market every month.

1st December 2017 – Interviews with Friends Of Kings Norton Park

Our home education group braved the cold weather, and went around Kings Norton Park with the Friends Of Kings Norton Park and did tree surveying, finding out how old trees were and if they were in good shape! Then after we went to St Nicolas Place and had some well deserved tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cake! The Home Education Group, with audio recorders, spoke to Lynne and Liz about their experience of Kings Norton, and working so much with the park.

16th December 2017 – A Christmas Reminisce

We went into Hawkseley Community Centre, with pay as you feel food, activities, games,  workshops and more. We spoke to local residents, finding out their stories of Kings Norton park, with drawing, creative writing workshops and more.

7th February 2018 – Hawkseley NAFCaf Launch

12th February 2018 – Poetry Workshop with Year 6 Class at Fairway Primary Academy 

We went into a year 6 class in Fairway Primary Academy, for an all day poetry extravaganza. The class designed their own bridges, and wrote poems based on something they love about Kings Norton. The poems will then be performed by the class to Fairway Seniors

20th February 2018 – 24th February 2018 – Half Term Workshops in Kings Norton Park and Kings Norton Library. 

Throughout half term, we also did lots activities in Kings Norton park and Kings Norton Library. Including sport, creative writing and crafts, as well as a Kings Norton history quiz!

9th April 2018 – First edition of the Crossing Bridges NAFZine!

16th July – 19th July 2018 – Beta Walks!

Over the course of a few days, we had the great pleasure of taking various schools and groups around our beta heritage trail! The groups got to meet the characters from Crossing Bridges in an interactive arts trail throughout the park, as well as testing out the riddles, and discussing the history of the area!

On our walks came Fairway Primary Academy Year 6 class, NAF’s home education groups (both under 8’s and 8-13s) Kings Norton Boys School, Kings Norton Girls School, Ark King Academy all came along to the walks, as well as getting to chat with Fairway Seniors, Kings Norton History Society and Other Side Of The Door!

July 2018 – Getting close now!

31st July 2018 – Skate Park workshop!

Over the week, we went to Kings Norton skate park armed with pencil and paper, and got the local residents that use the skate park to show what they wanted on the park they use everyday! We decorated the skate park with the history of Kings Norton, designed by local residents!

4th August 2018 – Public Beta Walks! 

On the 4th of August, we invited members of the public to take part in our beta walk! With the temporary boards up, we let people experience the drama trail and learn the history of Kings Norton!

Just on the other side of the road of Kings Norton Park, our artists that decorated the skate park, decorated a huge shipping container in the middle of Kings Norton Playing Fields!

3rd November 2018 – Crossing Bridges Showcase

In November, we ran ‘Super Saturdays’ in our office, a free event for the community every Saturday in November. Our first Super Saturday was a Crossing Bridges! With ‘meet the characters’ and a full Crossing Bridges gallery, showcasing the boards development, props, scripts, and all the other work we have done over the year!

13th April 2019 – Launch Day! 

On the 13th April, we launched our heritage arts trail!

Our installation team worked hard getting all the boards installed, ready for a series of guided walks through the park on the celebration day, which had over 100 people taking part in the activities provided by us, Friends Of Kings Norton Park, Kings Norton Library and St Nicolas Place.

Take a look through the gallery below to see some shots from the launch day, or even better, pop down to Kings Norton and follow the trail around yourself!