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NAF have had an incredible year.

And by incredible I mean we have spent the last 12 months working, eating. playing, laughing, chatting, being with so so many of you in so many spaces.
It has made our hearts sings. We have run projects, events, meetings, spaces, groups and cheeky little hang outs, all across Northfield/Weoley/Kings Norton/Longbridge. and we are E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D.
Its time for us to spend some time streamlining, reflecting, calmly looking back and planning forward.
And we need your help.
We have been planning a crowdfunder for some time, and we think, you only get one shot at it, one chance to ask people to part with their hard earned cash, one chance to ask people to dip in their pocket and put money in the pot, to trust us to do good, by for and with the people of Northfield. And so here it is, our ask.
While we spend the next few months in our new office at St Laurence Pastoral Centre (VERY excited to be moving there) we want to do two things:
One: keep our core Northfield Baptist church NAFCAF/Gather+Thrive(artist social)/Community Garden space alive and well, pulsing with goodness, and make all 3 spaces for people to come, be safe, hang out, unite and be empowered.
Two: plan and search and find a more permanent space for NAF to do, to make, and to be. To hold events, to make an artists hot desk community, to hold art galleries and debate spaces, a place for NAF to truly call our(and your)creative home.
We are intending to raise £10k from you the people who we work by, for and with. And then when we have raised £10k, Crowdfunder will very generously match fund it with another £10k, this money will be fully injected into our work within our hyper local community, in which we live and work.
If every one of you who has come along and joined in, made, played, eaten, been with us over the last 12 months, put in a ten or twenty quid (or more if you have it!), we would make the amount we need easily. And that money will be put straight back in to serving you, the people of Northfield.

You can look at our Crowdfunder page here 

So, please dig in, give what you can. Help us out as we strive to help this community to be a place with the arts and culture at its heart and in its roots.

Much Love

Olly, Joe, Lauren.

NAF co-ordinators.